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How to Train Your Dragon Fanfic: Helheim's Gate 4/8

Title: Helheim's Gate
Author: inquisitivetea
Rating: PG for now
Characters/Pairings: This part features Hiccup, Toothless, Fishlegs, Astrid, Snotlout, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, the Elder, and Stoick.
Spoilers: This fic will spoil the end of the movie.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. I barely own my computer.
Summary: Something is wrong with Toothless. Hiccup will go to Hel and back to fix it.
Author’s notes: Special thanks to my beta reader, Backroads.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six

Helheim's Gate

Chapter Four

Come back to me.

I'm starting to get used to the sound of Toothless's mom's voice.

I am only half-asleep when I hear the knock on the front door. Just before I open my eyes, I feel a chilly wind ruffle my hair. I shiver and look around but the window's closed and the fire's going. "Odd..."

As I sit up, Toothless pads toward the bed. I swing my legs around and Toothless stays close on my left side. "Did you feel that?" I ask him as I stand.

He blinks and tilts his head as I walk to the door.

Oh well. "Yes?" I ask as I open the door. "Oh."

"Hi," Astrid says. She's holding a plate with a lump of cake on it. "I thought you'd want some."

"Thanks," I say, taking it. "Is Mumbles disappointed?"

"Very," she replies, "She wanted to ride Toothless today."

"Well, now, no one will even let her near him."

"Pretty much." She nods.

"Do you want to come in?"

"No, I'm good out here," she says, gesturing around her.

We stare at each other for a moment.

"... This is not how I planned it," I admit.

"How did you plan it?"

"I didn't have a plan," I say, "I just thought maybe I could help Toothless. And now..."


"There are just problems everywhere."

"We noticed."


Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Fishlegs, and Snotlout emerge from around the doorway.

Tuffnut steps in front of Astrid to say, "Clearly, you have made the right choice. I am the solution to all of your problems."

"Do you have a plan?" Snotlout asks, pushing him aside, "Because I love your plans."

"Now I know you're really crazy," Ruffnut says, squeezing in in front of Snotlout, "And that's kind of hot."

"With Dragon Training postponed," Astrid says, tugging Ruffnut out of the way, "We're the only ones qualified to ride dragons. So..."

"So," I say.

"Whenever you need us," Fishlegs says, "We're there. Also, it will boost our experience as a collective."

"Guys," I say, "Thanks. I don't really have a plan, yet, but... I appreciate it."

"You don't have a plan?" Astrid says. "You stayed in your house all day and you have nothing to show for it?"

"Well, I figured out one way to get Toothless into Helheim without falling to my death, but..."

"But?" she asks.

"But, well..." My gaze falls on Fishlegs. Then whatever I'm about to say disappears as my mouth hangs open. "Fishlegs."

"Yes?" he says.

"What do you know about Garm?"

"Garm? As in, Helheim Garm?"

"Yes," I say.

"This is totally insane!" Ruffnut crows giddily.

"Garm," Fishlegs murmurs, scratching his chin. "Health: probably around 2000. Speed: 1450. Strength: 1680."

"Yeah, yeah. Do you think five dragons could take him on?" I ask him.

He looks up in thought. "Maybe," he says, lifting his index finger with a smile.

"We're really going to Helheim?" Snotlout asks. "Like, Helheim Helheim?"

"If this works out," I say, "Yes. Does this mean you all believe my story?"

"Astrid and Fishlegs told us," Ruffnut says, "And it is the single most awesome thing I have ever heard."

"I've heard better," Tuffnut says, "But this one's true."

"Astrid?" I ask.

Astrid shrugs. "She seems to believe you." She steps aside to reveal the Elder.

"You!" I say, pointing at her, "But-but. You..."

"I said you were touched by the gods," the Elder says. "Sometimes that means you have to be a little crazy. Or, in your case, a lot."

"What about the whole 'accursed' thing?" I ask her.

"It is not up to me to hinder your journey as a warrior."

"But what did you mean by it?"

"That is for you to find out on your own."

"Can I partner up or something?"

"The journey to Valhalla is treaded alone."

"With my dragon?"

"Almost alone."

"Okay. So my partner can't talk is pretty much what you're saying."

"I do have places to be," the Elder says.

"Right. Sorry."

"Does this mean we're going to dive into the ocean too?" Snotlout asks. He doesn't look as assured as everyone else. "It's not like I can't swim, or anything... I'm just worried about the others who can't."

"Yeah, how does it work?" I ask, kneeling down on my right knee so I am level with the Elder. "Do we dive in to get to Helheim, even though we're not diving in at all? Or is it the other way around?"

"Your body dives into the ocean," the Elder explains, "But it can only go so far--if your course is true, your spirit travels down into the realm of the dead..."

As she goes on, I try to envision the hound from my dreams, how we're going to face it. When the Elder's finished explaining, I know how things will work out.

"Are you all sure you want to do this?" I ask everyone as the Elder walks away. "For Toothless?"

"He saved everyone," Astrid says, "Now it's our turn to help him."

"Then we meet at sun up with our dragons. Fishlegs, you'll have to use one of the other Gronckles."

"No problem," he says, "I'm on good terms with most of them. I hope I figure out which one's the father."

"Man, our parents are going to kill us if we don't die," Ruffnut says, punching the air with her fists, "This is gonna be so great!"

"Tomorrow at sun up," Astrid says. "Got it."


As I lie on my bed and stare at the ceiling, I'm so consumed with what's going to happen the next day that I don't hear Dad come in. He calls my name what must be at least three times before he comes up to the bed and leans over me.

"Oh!" I sit up quickly. "Hey Dad."

"Did you get some rest?" he asks.

"I rested," I say as I stretch my arms. "I'm so well-rested and ready to get back to normal life tomorrow."

After the going to the realm of the dead part.

"Good." He looks like he's deciding whether to believe me or not.

"But I've decided you have to promise me something," I say.


"Sit down." I scoot across the bed and gesture to the room I've made for him.

He pulls up a chair and sits in it.

"Or that."

"What is it, Son?"

Okay... My dad's actually listening to me? He really must have worried. Now this is kind of awkward. "Well, uh. I just want. I just want you to trust me."

His eyebrows draw together. "Hiccup--"

I show him my palm. "I know this is kind of a weird request, but it'll make sense later. I hope."

"Hiccup." He puts his hand on my shoulder. "I trust you. You don't need to make me promise this."

"I think I kind of do."

He releases my shoulder. "No, you don't."

"Well, I'm pretty sure I--"


"Uh... okay. You trust me. Thanks, Dad. That really means a lot to me. But."

"But?" He raises his eyebrows.

"But... Will you promise me you'll trust Toothless too?"

Toothless is curled up by the fire. He lifts his head at the mention of his name and yawns. Then he looks between my dad and me.

My dad searches my face for something.

"You trusted him with me once," I say to him, "And he didn't disappoint you. I need you to keep that trust. Can you do that, Dad?... Please?"

He shakes his head gently as he opens his mouth to speak. But nothing comes out.

"Please, Dad." I wring my hands before me. "Please."

"It risked your life today," Dad says, standing.

"Life is always risky for a Viking, isn't it? It's an occupational hazard, right?" I scoot to the edge of the bed and stand. Suddenly Toothless is beside me. I pat his ear.

"This," Dad says, gesturing to Toothless, "Is a different kind of risk. The risks Vikings take don't involve creatures that can betray you at any moment!"

"The ocean can betray you at any moment," I reply, "But you still think Vikings are meant to tame seas, don't you? Go off on adventures that can get you killed or worse. In boats that may or may not come back. Like what happened to Mom."

"We never take a risk that we don't know about. That's why we're Vikings."

"Maybe we're Vikings because we're just too stubborn to trust what's right in front of us. We go looking for the hardest possible thing there is to do and, for some reason, we try to do it. Why can't you just take the easy route some time? This time? Toothless would never hurt me--"

"Then what was it trying to do today? How do you explain what happened this morning?"

I exhale a long breath. "I can't explain it."

"And you want me to trust that?"

"It's not about any that it's about him! He's a him! He's a living, breathing creature who loves me and who saved everyone's lives! The least you could do is trust him. Is it really that hard for you?"

"Yes," he answers as he turns his back to me.

"Dad, I'm not fini--"

"You have your answer," he says, "Talk over."

"No. Talk not over." I stalk over to him and step into his way. I hold my hand out against his chest, which stops him.

We both look down at my hand and I pull it away.

Dad watches me, one eyebrow raised.

I gulp. "We're not through," I tell him. "Toothless is like a part of me, and I know I'm a part of him. If you don't trust him, then you don't trust me."

He scowls. "If you're so invested in that beast, then maybe I don't trust you after all."

"So that's it, huh? Every choice I make is a bad one?"

"Don't start down this path," he warns me, shaking his head.

"What path, Dad? Toothless is the only reason I'm alive today. If you can't appreciate that, then maybe you two shouldn't share a house."

"Maybe we shouldn't," Dad agrees.

"Ooh," I point at him, "You want that don't you. He was never welcome, was he?"

"I told you before, it is as welcome as it can be."

"Yet you still think he's an 'it'! How fair is that? He's a part of our family!"

"That thing will never be a part of our family!" Dad shouts, pointing at Toothless, "Would you get it in your head that it's not a human being? It can't think like you and me, it can't love like you and me. It can't take care of us the way you take care of it. You provide for it, but it still tries to send you to Helheim!"

"Oh, Dad, if you only knew..."

"Knew what?"

"I... can't tell you."

"You ask for my trust," Dad says quietly, "But you never trusted me." He turns to the stairs and moves past me. "Talk over."

I shut my eyes as I listen to his slow, heavy footsteps ascending. Then I rub my palm over my face and turn to the door. What did I just do? "That fire. I can hardly breathe in here."

Toothless nuzzles my right leg.

I gently push him away. "Toothless, I can't. I need to be alone. Stay here, okay?"

He makes a hurt sound, but I walk until I'm out the door. I pause when I'm outside. Then I take a deep breath and keep going.


Well, if I ever wondered how cold it is outside of the house in the middle of the night, I now have my answer. It's got to be freezing, at least.

I sit on a rock and stare at the fires that reveal pockets of the village through the darkness while I twist Modgud's feather back and forth between my fingers. In the moonlight, the shimmering looks almost ghostly.

"Touched by the gods," I mutter. "Like that matters." I jump when I hear a voice beside me:

"Oh, I don't know," says the man, "Gods don't do a lot of touching."

He sits on the rock to my right. He's shirtless and he has a huge knife stuck in his belt. His trousers look pretty thin, but he doesn't look cold at all. He props his left heel on the rock and leans his elbow against his knee as he turns to me.

"Not to be rude or anything," I say as I get up, "But I kind of want to be alone right now."

"Oh, I totally understand," he says. "But don't you want this back?"

He's holding up my feather. I look down at my hand. "How did you--?"

He smiles.

"Can I have that back?"

"Sit," he says, patting the rock beside him, "Talk to me."

"Please, just give it back."

"What's so special about it?" He admires the feather in the moonlight. Then he sniffs it.

"I should probably tell you that was in my mouth earlier..."

He quickly pulls it away from his face. "Oh."

"Can I have it back now?"


"Oh, come on. In case you've been living on the wrong side of the island, my life is kind of a mess right now, and--"

"Why'd you try to eat it?"


"The feather."

"I didn't try to eat it, I inhaled it by accident. Do you have any intention of giving that back?"

"Only if you stay and talk to me," he says.

"Who are you, anyway? I've never seen you around the village before."

"Oh, I've been around. You've seen me." He flexes his left arm. "You'd recognize this, right?"

"... No. You know what? You can keep the feather."

"No, hey, wait! Don't leave."

I turn to go anyway, and suddenly he's in front of me.

I turn back to where he was sitting, where there's an empty space now. Then I turn to him in front of me. "How did you do that?"

He offers me the feather with his left hand. "It's yours. You earned it."

I take the feather and examine it. It's shimmering. It's definitely my Modgud feather. "What makes you think I earned it?"

"You are Hiccup, aren't you?" he says. "You ride the uh," he snaps his fingers, "What is it they call it? The black dragon."

"Toothless," I say, "The Night Fury."

"Yes, the Night Fury," he says. "You two are good together."

Now that we're both standing, I notice he's taller than me. Taller than my Dad, even. He's got the usual beefy Viking arms and a short, dark beard. "I've definitely never seen you before," I say.

"Yeah, I tend to blend in," he says, shrugging. "What can you do?"

"Well, thanks for the feather," I say, lifting it up for him to see, "I'll be going now."

"Wait," he calls. "Hold on!"

I turn to leave, and he's in front of me. I turn back, and he's there. I turn to leave again, and there he is. "There's something wrong with this picture," I say.

"This whole thing with Helheim-" he starts.

I turn back and he's there.

"-Is this really something you want-"

I turn forward and he's there.

"-to risk your life-"

I turn back.

"Would you stop doing that?!" he yells.

I turn forward. He's crossing his arms now. Something glints in the moonlight where his right hand should be.

"Maybe you're the one who should stop," I say warily. "Oh gods, am I having another weird dream?" I pinch the back of my hand. "Ow."

"That was dumb," he says flatly.

"Look," I say, opening my hands to him, "Do you have a point here or...?"

"As I was saying, about Helheim--"

"Wait, how do you know about this Helheim thing?"

"I overheard Gobber and your father talking."

"But they don't know what I'm planning."

"I overheard the twins talking."

"You eavesdrop a lot." Now I cross my arms. "What did you say your name was?"

"I didn't," he says. "But, seriously, are you sure you want to take on Garm? You realize you're not going to kill him, right? That's reserved for--"

"I don't need to kill him," I say, "I just need to take him out long enough to--Why am I telling you this?" I sigh. "I'm leaving."

"You sure you don't want to talk? Unload a little." He opens his arms to me. "It might make you feel better."

"I definitely don't want to talk to someone I don't know."

"All right, all right. Just promise me one thing."

"Not really in a promising mood right now."

"Then swear," he says. "Swear that you'll go to the Elder first the next time you decide to do something like this with your dragon."

I squint at him. "... Why?"

"Just swear it, and I'll leave you alone."

With that sort of motivation, how can I resist? "I swear."

"I'll be watching you," he warns, holding his index finger out toward me.

"And I'll be blissfully glad that I never have to talk to you again," I reply.

I wait for him to respond, but he doesn't. He's not there anymore. I turn around and around, but he's gone.

Then I notice the orange and purple in the sky. I don't know how it happened but it's almost sun up.

"Go time," I mutter as I hurry back to the house.


Chapter Five